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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here are some photos you can enjoy.

1. The type of vitamins I have to take now, sitting on top of a pile of grading that is beginning to require its own "INBOX" on my desk.

2. The attempt I made to explain "atomic radius" to my chemistry students. They hated it. "Ms. Kramer, no offense, but that's.....well it's just weird. It doesn't have anything to do with chemistry!" Bad representation....bad analogy....but I got to use the school copier to print a worksheet that said, "rollin' on dubs" :)...

I've been sick, and barely getting by with planning and such. So I'm going to go and keep working on that...

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  1. Um. How much do I love the fact that you used "dubs" in a chemistry class? You crack me up, Ms. Kramer.