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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Isla Mujeres Photos

Here are some photos that show the spirit of Isla Mujeres. I am definitely coming back here. It's so easy and fun to be here. It might make me lazy, though.

The three lies of Isla Mujeres:
1. "I am leaving tomorrow" - the running joke is that everyone comes for a few nights but stays for a few weeks. It is hard to leave
2. "I am not drinking tonight" - even if you aren't getting drunk, you are having a beer or two, because after about 8 pm there is nothing to do but have a beer, and you can't sleep because the music is so loud
3. "I love you" - the same story wherever there are groups of Latin men, I think

So far, I have stuck to my leave date, I have had beers even when I said I am not drinking, and only one man has told me he loves me. Ha! The three lies hold true....

And now, on to some photos, ya? I can't get the captions to work, so here are what the photos are of...I am sick of messing with the layout so deal with the ugly ok?!?!?!

#1: The ferry ride to Isla of the most beautiful boat rides I have ever taken!
#2: Las chicas...
#3: Snorkeling trip...
#4: Kerstin and I!
#5: A typical day..
#6: Me gusta Isla Mujeres...
#7: New friends...Jito, Kerstin y Kian


  1. Hi Anna!!! So it seems like you are enjoying your trip thus far! I think it is awesome to be out on your own. I went to russia on my own and luckily when I got there my best friend met me and all was well. Without her I really could have not gotten around in the little town we were in. Anyway enjoy and your next trip should include Cori and I :-) I bet between the three of us we would cause some trouble :-), but good trouble! SMILE :-)

  2. Ugggggh, looks awful Banana! Meanwhile, in Britain, it is windy and pouring rain. Luckily there are plenty of pubs and old buildings to distract us.

    Keep having a fabulous time traveling! WOOT!